Thursday, July 8, 2010

So much to do!

The last few days have been a blur! In mid afternoon yesterday I came up with the idea of shooting dynos at midnight under huge strobes...Lukasz was of course down to try and the results are breathtaking! The sky here doesn't go down till 1am (you can read outside at 11pm easily) and the sky looks on fire in the pics..can't show them yet but soon!

This a.m. we woke and i was soooo excited to get on my 2 projects. Fate interviened when on my first few attempts I ripped through my superglued finger tips and was back to bleeding all over the rock. dissapointed in the least.. But oh well. I'll be back next year to finish them off!

We arrived in Dorset a few hours ago and this place is NUTS. We only drove 4 hours and I have an ocean/channel view 100 ft from the beautiful beach and there are PALM TREES here. I kid you not. We went out to Dumble Door tonight as it was my dream to solo this over the water but the police said no go. I swam up next to it and it is breathtaking. The water here is soooo cold it takes your breath away. Attached is a picture of me swimming so you can see the HUGE size of it.
Tomorrow is a day full of deep water soloing on the isle of portland! Rumor has it there is a super max prison on the island as well :)

Till then here are a few pics! Due to injuries I am returning on sunday back to the states..My shoulder, ribs, and triceps are not feeling so hot :(

Till then take care!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Video of WR Our official video (shot by 3 HD video cameras) will be up in a few weeks! Enjoy!


There is so much rock in the near 50 miles to where i'm staying that it blows my mind. This place is also made for dynoing which is excellent! After the world record I put my best effort to get the FA of the Wimberry Dyno. This has been s
aid to be one of the worlds hardest dyno projects and has been tried since 1990. The best climbers in the world have tried and failed! I gave it everything I had and landed in the end jug's lip 2 times and got spat sad!
Today I cleaned and found a HUGE project in Stanage that I also landed in the lip of teh jug 2 or 3 times! My whole body is aching and i'm bleeding from 6 fingers as I type haha... I have exented my stay in sheffield/peak distric to finish off these First Ascents until they go down! Rest day tomorrow... So excited!

Many thanks to everyone for their continued support and congrats! pics are here...

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Landed the new world record dyno today on the FIRST TRY! It was an amazing feeling! Thanks soooo much to everyone supporting me! Ended up waiting around the comp for over 7 hours to get my chance but it was a great day of meeting new people and making new friends. Many pics and video to come but here is a teaser...

Friday, July 2, 2010


I forgot how much I love this place! The trip is going incredible thus far! I've been hanging out with Lukasz (world class photographer) and we have been checking out the HUGE dyno projects around England. We have 5 that I will try (3 would be First Ascents) after the comp this weekend.

We swung by the competition today to check out the wall! Man 9ft 4in is a long ways away! I definalty have my work cut out for me but am confident I will succeed!

Till then here are a few pics from today


Monday, June 28, 2010

3 days till Europe..

It's getting to be that time of the year again! I'm off to Europe in 3 days to defend (and hopefully break) my world record in dynoing! My record stands at 2.825m or 9ft 3in! I'm so excited for this trip! Here are some shots of last years WR taken by Lukasz!

I will be traveling with famed photographer Lukasz Warzecha! We will start by filming the World Record, then on to some un-done dyno projects in the peak district and finish off with a week long trip of Deep Water Soloing over the English Channel! One thing is for sure..this is gonna be one crazy 13 day trip!

I'll try updating this blog as often as possible.. I really want to give a huge thank you to my sponsors, for without them this dream would not be possible. Bazi Energy Drink, Guardian Urgent Care Centers, Kick-Fit Athletics, and Kenjicore!




Photo by Matt Lloyd
Photo by Matt Lloyd
Photo by Matt Lloyd
Photo by Matt Lloyd

Well i finally got around to making a blog! Here's some pictures from the past year...All of these were taken by the amazing photographer Gabe Rovick unless marked otherwise!