Tuesday, July 6, 2010


There is so much rock in the near 50 miles to where i'm staying that it blows my mind. This place is also made for dynoing which is excellent! After the world record I put my best effort to get the FA of the Wimberry Dyno. This has been s
aid to be one of the worlds hardest dyno projects and has been tried since 1990. The best climbers in the world have tried and failed! I gave it everything I had and landed in the end jug's lip 2 times and got spat out..so sad!
Today I cleaned and found a HUGE project in Stanage that I also landed in the lip of teh jug 2 or 3 times! My whole body is aching and i'm bleeding from 6 fingers as I type haha... I have exented my stay in sheffield/peak distric to finish off these First Ascents until they go down! Rest day tomorrow... So excited!

Many thanks to everyone for their continued support and congrats! pics are here...

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