Monday, June 28, 2010

3 days till Europe..

It's getting to be that time of the year again! I'm off to Europe in 3 days to defend (and hopefully break) my world record in dynoing! My record stands at 2.825m or 9ft 3in! I'm so excited for this trip! Here are some shots of last years WR taken by Lukasz!

I will be traveling with famed photographer Lukasz Warzecha! We will start by filming the World Record, then on to some un-done dyno projects in the peak district and finish off with a week long trip of Deep Water Soloing over the English Channel! One thing is for sure..this is gonna be one crazy 13 day trip!

I'll try updating this blog as often as possible.. I really want to give a huge thank you to my sponsors, for without them this dream would not be possible. Bazi Energy Drink, Guardian Urgent Care Centers, Kick-Fit Athletics, and Kenjicore!




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  2. you should be doing dynos that angle up to the right too, for balance but you probly already know this...just in case you havent thought about that?