Thursday, July 8, 2010

So much to do!

The last few days have been a blur! In mid afternoon yesterday I came up with the idea of shooting dynos at midnight under huge strobes...Lukasz was of course down to try and the results are breathtaking! The sky here doesn't go down till 1am (you can read outside at 11pm easily) and the sky looks on fire in the pics..can't show them yet but soon!

This a.m. we woke and i was soooo excited to get on my 2 projects. Fate interviened when on my first few attempts I ripped through my superglued finger tips and was back to bleeding all over the rock. dissapointed in the least.. But oh well. I'll be back next year to finish them off!

We arrived in Dorset a few hours ago and this place is NUTS. We only drove 4 hours and I have an ocean/channel view 100 ft from the beautiful beach and there are PALM TREES here. I kid you not. We went out to Dumble Door tonight as it was my dream to solo this over the water but the police said no go. I swam up next to it and it is breathtaking. The water here is soooo cold it takes your breath away. Attached is a picture of me swimming so you can see the HUGE size of it.
Tomorrow is a day full of deep water soloing on the isle of portland! Rumor has it there is a super max prison on the island as well :)

Till then here are a few pics! Due to injuries I am returning on sunday back to the states..My shoulder, ribs, and triceps are not feeling so hot :(

Till then take care!

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